Ports and Passes

Topographic Planning Maps and Distance Tables

Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets

ISBN 9781987994070

Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands

ISBN 9781987994063

More than a map!!


Created by Kevin Monahan 

Published by Chyna Sea Ventures


$18.95 either folded or  rolled

These two maps were developed by Kevin Monahan as planning maps for two of the most popular and scenic cruising destinations on the West Coast. The maps are 24" x 36" (61 cm x 91.5 cm) show topography, place names, navigation features and waterways in full colour. they are printed on durable waterproof paper and are available either rolled, or folded to 4" x 9" (10 cm x 23 cm).  

But it is the back of these maps that makes them "More than a map!!" The reverse contains tables of distances between more than 80 locations on the map and distances to major ports. The locations in the tables are shown on the map side for easy reference. The reverse also contains detail maps of the central cruising area, and expert local knowledge regarding tides currents and weather in the area. 

These maps will be a useful tool for planning your trips, or they can be mounted for display. The paper is waterproof, highly durable and tear resistant.


Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets

More than a map!!

  • Printed on tear resistant waterproof paper

  • Scale 1:126720 or 1 inch = 2 Statute miles

  • Topographic planning map

  • Extensive distance tables

  • Expert local knowledge for tides, currents and weather

Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands

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