Using Radar for Collision Avoidance

A training aid by Kevin Monahan


Published by Shipwrite Productions 

2-sides 8 1/2" x 11"                      ISBN 978-0-992-0001-0-3           $5.95

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When two vessels interact in restricted visibility, neither vessel has right of way. Each vessel must alter to avoid the other.  

Certain actions to avoid collision in restricted visibility may actually cancel out those of the other  vessel, resulting in a continued risk of collision.   


Side 1

When you can see the other vessel or its navigation lights

Side 2

Collision Avoidance in Restricted Visibility


This training aid from the author of the best-selling The Radar Book explains these facts and many others. Printed on both sides, one for vessels in sight of one another and the other side for vessels operating in restricted visibility, this aid demonstrates the difference between the steering and sailing rules for power-driven vessels in different situations.  Arrow symbols indicate the appropriate manoeuvres for your own vessel to avoid collision with another vessel. Critical information is provided from the Collision Regulations to help understand the rules.


Used in simulator training programs of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue and the Northwest Maritime Center.


May also be used in the pilothouse as an aid to memory, posted for the helmsman's reference or three-hole punched and kept for reference in a binder.                               


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