Local Knowledge--A Skipper's Reference (Tacoma to Ketchikan) 

The Radar Book--Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance   

GPS--Instant Navigation--1st EditionGPS--Instant Navigation--2nd Edition

Proven Cruising Routes Volume One--Seattle to Ketchikan


Local Knowledge - A Skipper's Reference (Tacoma to Ketchikan)

"Sure there are Guide Books for this area but this one is like nothing you have ever seen. It has all the information the others don't have, all to make captains or navigators lives much easier."  

Northwest Yachting Magazine  

The Radar Book - Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance - 2nd Edition

In straightforward, easy-to-follow steps, supplemented with copious examples, this book takes the reader from the basics of radar to advanced techniques. The new radar user will welcome this book, the experienced user will appreciate it. Both will learn from it.

Robert Hale, Former Editor, Waggoner Cruising Guide  

Clear explanations and well-illustrated examples make this book a must read for anyone who wants to use their marine radar system effectively and safely. This book goes beyond the instruction book shipped with most systems to teach you how to use a radar system under real-life conditions on the water.

Don Douglass, Author of the renowned "Exploring" series of cruising guides 

This is the most significant, easily understood publication regarding radar which we've read in the past 24 years. It is a "must have" book. 

Jack and Linda Schreiber, MV Sanctuary

GPS - Instant Navigation - 2nd Edition

"If you want the greatest possible benefit from GPS, I strongly recommend this book. Their illustrated techniques will save you time and clearly explain the system." 

John Neal, Bluewater sailor, Mahina Tiare

"Every GPS user should have this book on board! GPS Instant Navigation by Kevin Monahan and Don Douglass is a clear, well-illustrated guide aimed at helping you get the greatest possible benefit from your GPS. The 250-page book introduces the most novice mariner to the basics of instant navigation and continues all the way to advanced techniques for error reduction, electronic charting, and navigation software. highly recommended." 

Captain Jack's Catalog 

"...the book is a complete reference source for navigational techniques using GPS." 

D. M. Kennedy, writing in Navigation News, the journal of the Royal Institute of Navigation

"GPS has been with us for more than a decade now but this is the first major guide I've found to bridge the gap between traditional "paper" plotting and the space age system....They've produced a readable, practical guide to getting the most out of GPS as a high-tech addition to the navigator's arsenal of time-honoured tools and techniques. They'll take you from understanding how GPS works and initializing your unit, through the use of charts, waypoints and routes, to the ins and outs of differential GPS, electronic charting and system interfacing. Whether you're a GPS neophyte, an old hand, or new to both piloting and GPS, you'll find this an invaluable resource."

Duart Snow, Pacific Yachting Magazine

"Just when you thought GPS navigation was simple, along comes a book that points out it isn't; clear, concise explanation, with many excellent diagrams."

Wooden Boat Review

"GPS: Instant Navigation" is an instructive and accessible guide to both the basics and the advanced techniques of the Global Positioning System.

Kevin Monahan and Don Douglass do a marvellous job of getting navigators (no matter how crusty!) excited about GPS ("a revolutionary navigation system that provides position information with accuracy to within a few lengths of your vessel, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world"). As you can witness from the previous definition, the authors write vividly and clearly.

The book's layout is commendable, with varying font sizes and shadings between blocks of precise information and sharp b&w illustrations.

All mariners should set their autopilots for "GPS."

Rodney Stevens,




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