Shipwrite Productions is Kevin Monahan, retired Canadian Coast Guard captain.

Shipwrite has produced several books about the Pacific northwest and electronic navigation, including The Radar Book--Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance 2nd Edition, which has been adopted by the Canadian Power Squadrons as its radar study guide.

Shipwrite offers seminars on a wide range of marine and nautical subjects. 

Featured products


Ports and Passes Skipper's Logbook

Everything you need in a Logbook

The Radar Book--Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance 2nd Edition

A United States Power Squadrons guide 

Local Knowledge--A Skipper's Reference (Tacoma to Ketchikan)

The celebrated reference for the coastal skipper. Includes detailed guidance for navigating BC coastal rapids.

Shipwrite's Guide - Identifying Ocean-Bright Pacific Salmon

Using Radar for Collision Avoidance

A training aid

For training or to post in your pilothouse. (2-sided on heavy cardstock) 

Cold Water and Personal Flotation

Learn HOW cold water kills, and HOW to stay alive.  

Alternatives to pyrotechnic distress signals

Presentation to Canadian Marine Advisory Council, 20 April 2016

Proud member of the 

Canadian Safe Boating Council


Congratulations to Weems & Plath and Sirius Signal for their 2016 CASBA Award for Safeguarding the Environment with the SOS Distress Light


On July 13, 2016, Transport Canada published amendments to the Small Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations, containing new requirements for stability, safety and operational practices. The Regulations will be coming into force on July 13, 2017. Ship Safety Bulletin 03/2017 contains guidance and advice to owners and operators of fishing vessels in working under the new Regulations. 

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